Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I can’t take away these random thoughts in my head. I am just stressing myself out. Thinking of things that should not be thought. All of these what ifs and how abouts are making me crazy. I know that there is nothing wrong and no problem at all but why is something bothering my mind. Why am I digging memories that I am not supposed to know and why am I investigating things that I am not sure of and in the end I’ll just end up hurting myself and building up my own headache. I’ve had sleepless nights and dull mornings just by thinking about stuffs. I always keep on jumping to conclusions and making up stories to keep running on my mind. I am starting to get crazy and paranoid. grrrr

Free as a bird

It's been a while since I last visited my own blog and I can say that there has to be a lot of editing and arranging to do. The main reason why I made this is because this blog was a requirement for one of our classes and I am so glad that I survived that one.

During those times, I felt like there is no point of having my own blog because I can't write every thought in my mind. I can't express everything that I feel. I can't say everything that I have and want to say because there is that someone who controls everything I do and comments on every word and actions that comes out from me. My life before was miserable but not that much because I still have some people hiding in my back.

When I finally got out of my invisible cage, I realized that I missed almost half of my life. In my college years, I only enjoyed my first and last semester where I was able to do EVERYTHING I want without someone commanding me to do stuffs unwillingly and stopping me on anything I want. Now that I am able to do this, I will continue to enjoy life and I am so glad that everything changed from the way it was before. YOLO.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


My section for this term in school is called CSIT01. We are all irregular students but I don't mind. I like this section. The people in our class are not boring and are all friendly. They really love making fun of everyone and cracking up jokes for us to laugh. My classmates are batch mates since before, I was one of the lower batches but I am so thankful that I got to get along with them easily.

On the very first day of classes for this term, I immediately searched for some people who I already knew but I became happier when I already made some new friends. I always wanted to bond with new classmates to expand my circle of friends. For me, my new classmates are better than my original block. I don't mean anything bad by this, but i prefer having classes with them.

This school term is about to end in a few days and I would definitely miss my classmates. I won't forget all the bonding that we had, the jokes and laughs that we shared. The gossips that we are always talking about, the teasing and fooling around with each other. I will also miss our team building where we added a twist by drinking while doing projects. I also look forward to our coming exchange gift this Wednesday. I am excited to find out who picked my name.

Fifty Shades

The moment I started reading the fifty shades trilogy, I can't get my mind off of Christian and Ana's love story. I really love the way they met and how faith had its own way to get them together. I believe that what happened to them was love at first sight. 

Ana was so lucky that her best friend Kate was not able to do her interview with Mr. Grey which gave Ana the opportunity to meet him. Her entrance to his office was quite embarrassing but is very romantic because Christian was there to help her stand up when she fell down. I really like reading Christian's thoughts about everything that happened between them especially his views on their first meeting and in the hardware store. At first, I didn't expect that Christian planned it but I could say that he did a very good job.

I always play some scenes on my mind but I got more excited when i saw a teaser video for the movie. Some people I know who were also a big fan of the fifty shades trilogy said that the teaser video was not yet official but I can say that it really excited me and I am now wanting to watch the movie so bad. I hope to see the movie as soon as possible, I want to witness their love story really soon. The book is for adults but I am not after those hot scenes, I really fell in love with the story and the efforts that the main characters gave. If only the book is recommended for people of any ages, I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

2 Down, 2 More to go

Today, we had our project presentation for our Software Development and Quality classes. My team and I had been doing that project for a couple of months already and we really worked hard for it to get very good grades. 

I wanted to prove to my team that i can be a good leader, one who will guide and help them and at the same time make them believe that project making is fun and not boring. Whenever we had group meetings or when we are in our room, we always share a laugh while doing our tasks so that we wouldn't get bored and to help us think about what to do. After spending several sleepless nights, I can say that it is all worth it.

After our presentation, I felt that I had a lesser problem. I can also focus more on my other projects because one main project is done by now but I am not saying that the others are not important. For me, all of my projects are my priority, nothing more, nothing less.

I wish that I could successfully present the rest of my projects and submit everything on time. I don't want to repeat any subjects next term and I will do my best to have no more subjects after my internship.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fur Babies

I am not very much of an animal lover but I am big fan of dogs. I have two of my own namely Pablo and Mochi. Pablo is a German Shepherd and Mochi is a Shih Tzu. The two of them differ in personality, size, and attitude. 

Pablo or also known as Pabs is a family dog. My Dad brought him to our home last November 10, 2008 where he was only three months old. I didn't expect that he was still a baby back then because he is big. I researched about German Shepherds and found out that they are really big dogs. He is now 4 years old and he is taller than my younger brother when standing up. He is very sweet especially when you are petting him. He also loves our family very much. He gets mad whenever people who are not member of the family gets things which belongs to us. He is also very mad at cats because one time he saw my Dad trying to get rid of a cat in our front yard. He loves it when he is inside our home, I think it is because he really feels that he is a member of the family. Pabs is really a good dog, he is very sweet and caring. For me, he is a small dog trapped in a big body.

Mochi is my own dog. She was given to me when she was only two months old. I saw her the moment she came out of her mother's tummy. I was not the one who named her but I decided to make her name longer. Her original name is really Mochi but I made it as her nickname, I chose to name her Maria Mochita Maturnina Baby Girl. I know it is so long but i like it very much. I love calling her that every time. Mochi is very cute and eats a lot. She is so fat, whenever she sees someone eating she always barks and won't stop until she tastes the food. She is also sweet because whenever some member of the family wakes up she will always go to that person and lie down showing her tummy asking for it to be rubbed. She also runs up to someone who just arrived at home to welcome that person and she won't stop until she gets noticed.

Pablo is much sweeter than Mochi but Mochi is cuter. They are not together because we are afraid that Pabs might hurt her and she won't be able to fight back. I didn't have the chance to meet Pabs' parents but I get to know Mochi's. Mochi's mom is Juana, I knew her since she was a baby. I get to play with her whenever I am in their house and i watched her give birth to mochi and her siblings. They are so cute and adorable since they are small puppies and I used to feed them with milk using a small bottle. It is really cute. It seems like I am feeding real babies. 

I wish that I could own a lot of dogs with different breeds. I really love taking care of dogs and I am not afraid of them. I treat dogs like a real baby and I love playing with them.

Team Building

This week, everyone in class is so busy for school projects and presentations that's why we are having our team building everyday. My group and I always go together with some of our classmates and this night, we are currently at our member's house for project making.

We make our project while having different activities so that we wouldn't get bored. While making our project, we have a lot of snacks and some drinks. We also had the Videoke on for some music and entertainment. Our team is developing a website as a requirement for our softdev class and we have to finish it tonight because we have to present it in class tomorrow. Being the project manager, I need to make sure that everything is ready and well done. I am also one of the developers that's why it is my job to finish the website.

After hours of trying different codes, I am so grateful that I finished our site already. It feels so good completing our project and I am also very thankful for all my members for their cooperation and help, without them, I wouldn't be able to finish my task. I am also glad that our member's family provided us foods and let us make our project in their home even though we are a bit noisy.

With the team building that we are doing, I realized that a project is best done if I am with my friends or classmates. Aside from giving entertainment and killing boredom, they are always there to answer questions, help in finding the solutions to problems, and helps in making anything possible.

I feel so great because I didn't made the wrong choice in choosing my teammates and having the right friends to be with.