Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Wish List

There are so many things I want to buy but the BIG problem is I don't have enough money. I have a list of things that I want to buy and do and I really hope that I could have them little by little.

Credits to the owner of the photo :)
First thing on my wish list is a new phone. I am not really a fan of cellphones, I am usually contented with what I have and I don't change phones unless it cannot send or receive messages or calls anymore. A new phone is the first thing on my list because I think I want a change now. My current phone can't use its camera feature anymore because I accidentally dropped it a few months ago and had its camera broken. With that accident, the bluetooth won't function too so I cannot accept and send files anymore. The music player got a little problem also but good thing it is still playing music. I want a new phone now with the latest features. There are also certains apps which I would like to download and another reason is because I want to be updated with some latest trends like some games and social networking applications.

Credits to the owner of the photo :)
Next thing on my list is an iPad or an iPod Touch, any of the two. I want one of those so that I could have something to play when I am bored. I want a music player without using my phone, a camera which can instantly upload photo, a gadget where I could download a lot games, and something that I can use to surf the net, I want to have those features all in one gadget and I think an iPad or an iTouch suits what I want.

Another thing on my list is a personal DSLR camera and to enroll in a photography class. I love taking and looking at photos ever since I was young. I think I got that from my Dad. I want to be a professional photographer with a very professional camera. For now, I just use my Dad's camera in taking photos but of course, having your own camera is different, you don't have to ask permission anymore if you want to take it somewhere, you don't have to worry because you might get it broken but you must still put extra effort in taking good care of it. I want to enroll in a photography class so that I could gain more knowledge about photography and to know the right things to do like the correct posture, the correct lighting, finding the perfect angle and many more information. 

Aside from photography, I also wanted to enroll in a music class and to own different kinds of musical instruments. As of now, I have two acoustic guitars in our home and I really miss having an electric guitar especially when I want to play rock music. I want to learn how to play the violin, piano, drums and bass guitar. Since I was a child, it is my dream to learn how to play the piano. I always wanted to make my own music. Whenever I want a song, I always wanted to learn how to play it. Aside from the piano, I also wanted to learn how to play the violin because I really adore the sound of it, it helps me relax and feel good. Drums is another instrument that I wanted to learn because I find it very cool to see a girl hitting the drums and I also wanted to learn how to spin drumsticks in your fingers just like what every drummers do. It is really amazing. Last one is the bass guitar, I know how to play it but I'm not that good and my fingers are slow, I want to improve my skills and become better.

Credits to the owner of the photo :)
Next things on my wishlist are clothes. I want to own a lot of clothes so that I won't repeat what I wear often.I have many styles and designs in my mind but the problem is buying everything is very costly. There  is  this particular striped shirt that I really want to have, I found out on the Internet that it can be bought in Forever 21. When I went there and searched for that shirt, I found it but with a different color, they have the peach one but I want the white one with the black stripes. Gosh, I really want that shirt. I will definitely come back there hoping that they have a stock of what I really want. It kinda looks like the one shown on the photo. 

Credits to the owner of the phto :)
Last thing on my list is a planner. Before 2013 starts, I wish that I could have a planner, the Starbucks planner to be exact. Last year, I tried my best to collect stickers in exchange of a planner but too bad, my stickers were not enough. This year, I am not gonna do that anymore, I just joined some contests online hoping to win that planner and if I lose I will just buy a planner in some bookstores. I want a planner to keep my schedules organized and so that I could manage time easily. I think a planner would be a great help so that I won't forget the things that I have to do and to easily remember dates and events.

Right now, those were the things that I want. I don't know if there would be an additional to those things in my list and I am really hoping that I can do or have them one at a time. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Curriculum Vitae Preparation and a Mock Interview

       Hey there! It's been so long since I posted here so here I am once again for another entry.

       A few weeks ago, I was so tired of making homeworks and school projects but then out of nowhere, I remembered that I must prepare for my internship. I decided to open my email to check if I have important messages regarding my internship then I saw an email with the subject, "Resume Orientation". I got excited so I opened it quickly. The email is about the schedule for the resume orientation and a mock interview including two attachments which are the resume template and a sample resume.

       On the following day, I informed some of my fellow incoming interns about this. I was excited for the orientation because I really want to graduate soon but I am also nervous because of the said mock interview. Days went by so fast. It is already the day for the orientation. I made sure that I won't be late because I don't wanna miss anything from the instructors. I also wanted to learn the proper way of making a student fact sheet so that I won't have a hard time making one on the time that i will be needing it. Aside from the resume orientation, I am also looking forward to hearing the possible questions that a student might be asked during a job interview.

       On that day, I learned a lot of things to do; the Do's and Don't's, proper spacing and format, and more basic information. When the topic was about the subjects that we already finished, I can't help but reminisce through the past years that I've been in school. I remember the times when I thought that I won't survive in this class, when I thought that I won't be able to create this program, when I was about to shift into another course but of course, I also recalled happy memories like when I developed a system on my own, I learned how to make a network cable, when I realized that I can survive in any class and many more. There was also a topic in the orientation where we were asked to recall some of our major projects in school. I instantly remembered the projects that we all worked hard for and I felt really proud. After giving us the guidelines in making a resume, we were also instructed about how to prepare for an interview. They told us proper manners and behaviors as well as dressing up appropriately. After the talk, we were asked to get a partner and do a role play about interviews or be prepared for they will be choosing random students for the mock interview. It instantly got me nervous I don't really feel like acting in front of me fellow students and I am also too shy to talk to an expert English speaker.

       After a few minutes of preparation, the time has come for the role play. The instructors chose randomly and I am so glad that me and my partner were not the "Lucky Ones". We watched how others did their best in acting like they're in the real world. I jotted down some notes regarding the mistakes that were made so that I won't be repeating it. After two sets of role play, our instructors randomly chose two students for the mock interview and to my horror, I was one of the them. I tried my best to act confidently. I tried to answer every questions impressively while keeping an eye contact with the interviewer. It didn't last long and I was so glad about the comments that I received from our instructors. It made me inspired and look forward for the next meeting.

       After that orientation, I became more excited to finish the term and be prepared for internship. I will do my best to get in a very good company and to be a good intern. I believe that this orientation helped me a lot not only because of the information they gave us but also because it boosted up my confidence. :)