Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas shopping for kids!

Christmas is coming very very soon and preparation time is getting shorter. One of the best things about Christmas is gift giving especially for kids because they receive a lot mostly, toys and money. 

Last Saturday, my Mom and I started shopping for gifts to give for small children. We bought clothes and some toys for the babies and small kids. It is really fun because I get to choose different styles and different kinds of clothes. I liked it because it seems like I am going to dress up a doll which is one of my favorite games when I was a little girl. There are a lot to choose from but it is also a bit confusing because I am not sure of some of the kids' sizes. Shopping for clothes made it more fun because i also get to buy some for myself.

The next day, my Dad and my siblings joined in our Christmas shopping. We went to some bazaars and toy sale to get cheaper but good toys to give to children. I enjoyed this more than clothes shopping because you don't have to estimate for the sizes anymore and because I prefer buying toys. I like giving toys more than clothes because I remember my wish when I was child every Christmas and that is to get many toys from other people. I enjoyed choosing toys and trying out some samples. I wish I could play with them especially the Barbie dolls but too bad, I am not allowed to open it and it would be really awkward. While looking around for good stuffs, there are a lot of items which caught my attention aside from the Barbie Dolls, those were the very large stuffed toys, the musical instruments for PlayStation 3, and the human-like baby dolls. Other people are also very busy these days because the line for the cashier is very long. 

Shopping is really fun but it takes a lot of fun. We already spent two days for Christmas shopping but still, we are not yet done. I am looking forward to wrapping the presents and placing them all together under the Christmas tree but the sad thing is that we don't have a Christmas tree.Oh well, I will just put them all together in one place and just wait 'till Christmas day arrives. I am so excited to see every kid's reactions whenever they open their presents. It feels so good whenever I see someone smile upon leaving our house during Christmas. It really feels great whenever you share something to someone especially when it makes them happy.

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