Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fifty Shades

The moment I started reading the fifty shades trilogy, I can't get my mind off of Christian and Ana's love story. I really love the way they met and how faith had its own way to get them together. I believe that what happened to them was love at first sight. 

Ana was so lucky that her best friend Kate was not able to do her interview with Mr. Grey which gave Ana the opportunity to meet him. Her entrance to his office was quite embarrassing but is very romantic because Christian was there to help her stand up when she fell down. I really like reading Christian's thoughts about everything that happened between them especially his views on their first meeting and in the hardware store. At first, I didn't expect that Christian planned it but I could say that he did a very good job.

I always play some scenes on my mind but I got more excited when i saw a teaser video for the movie. Some people I know who were also a big fan of the fifty shades trilogy said that the teaser video was not yet official but I can say that it really excited me and I am now wanting to watch the movie so bad. I hope to see the movie as soon as possible, I want to witness their love story really soon. The book is for adults but I am not after those hot scenes, I really fell in love with the story and the efforts that the main characters gave. If only the book is recommended for people of any ages, I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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