Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fur Babies

I am not very much of an animal lover but I am big fan of dogs. I have two of my own namely Pablo and Mochi. Pablo is a German Shepherd and Mochi is a Shih Tzu. The two of them differ in personality, size, and attitude. 

Pablo or also known as Pabs is a family dog. My Dad brought him to our home last November 10, 2008 where he was only three months old. I didn't expect that he was still a baby back then because he is big. I researched about German Shepherds and found out that they are really big dogs. He is now 4 years old and he is taller than my younger brother when standing up. He is very sweet especially when you are petting him. He also loves our family very much. He gets mad whenever people who are not member of the family gets things which belongs to us. He is also very mad at cats because one time he saw my Dad trying to get rid of a cat in our front yard. He loves it when he is inside our home, I think it is because he really feels that he is a member of the family. Pabs is really a good dog, he is very sweet and caring. For me, he is a small dog trapped in a big body.

Mochi is my own dog. She was given to me when she was only two months old. I saw her the moment she came out of her mother's tummy. I was not the one who named her but I decided to make her name longer. Her original name is really Mochi but I made it as her nickname, I chose to name her Maria Mochita Maturnina Baby Girl. I know it is so long but i like it very much. I love calling her that every time. Mochi is very cute and eats a lot. She is so fat, whenever she sees someone eating she always barks and won't stop until she tastes the food. She is also sweet because whenever some member of the family wakes up she will always go to that person and lie down showing her tummy asking for it to be rubbed. She also runs up to someone who just arrived at home to welcome that person and she won't stop until she gets noticed.

Pablo is much sweeter than Mochi but Mochi is cuter. They are not together because we are afraid that Pabs might hurt her and she won't be able to fight back. I didn't have the chance to meet Pabs' parents but I get to know Mochi's. Mochi's mom is Juana, I knew her since she was a baby. I get to play with her whenever I am in their house and i watched her give birth to mochi and her siblings. They are so cute and adorable since they are small puppies and I used to feed them with milk using a small bottle. It is really cute. It seems like I am feeding real babies. 

I wish that I could own a lot of dogs with different breeds. I really love taking care of dogs and I am not afraid of them. I treat dogs like a real baby and I love playing with them.

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