Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Team Building

This week, everyone in class is so busy for school projects and presentations that's why we are having our team building everyday. My group and I always go together with some of our classmates and this night, we are currently at our member's house for project making.

We make our project while having different activities so that we wouldn't get bored. While making our project, we have a lot of snacks and some drinks. We also had the Videoke on for some music and entertainment. Our team is developing a website as a requirement for our softdev class and we have to finish it tonight because we have to present it in class tomorrow. Being the project manager, I need to make sure that everything is ready and well done. I am also one of the developers that's why it is my job to finish the website.

After hours of trying different codes, I am so grateful that I finished our site already. It feels so good completing our project and I am also very thankful for all my members for their cooperation and help, without them, I wouldn't be able to finish my task. I am also glad that our member's family provided us foods and let us make our project in their home even though we are a bit noisy.

With the team building that we are doing, I realized that a project is best done if I am with my friends or classmates. Aside from giving entertainment and killing boredom, they are always there to answer questions, help in finding the solutions to problems, and helps in making anything possible.

I feel so great because I didn't made the wrong choice in choosing my teammates and having the right friends to be with.

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