Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I can’t take away these random thoughts in my head. I am just stressing myself out. Thinking of things that should not be thought. All of these what ifs and how abouts are making me crazy. I know that there is nothing wrong and no problem at all but why is something bothering my mind. Why am I digging memories that I am not supposed to know and why am I investigating things that I am not sure of and in the end I’ll just end up hurting myself and building up my own headache. I’ve had sleepless nights and dull mornings just by thinking about stuffs. I always keep on jumping to conclusions and making up stories to keep running on my mind. I am starting to get crazy and paranoid. grrrr

Free as a bird

It's been a while since I last visited my own blog and I can say that there has to be a lot of editing and arranging to do. The main reason why I made this is because this blog was a requirement for one of our classes and I am so glad that I survived that one.

During those times, I felt like there is no point of having my own blog because I can't write every thought in my mind. I can't express everything that I feel. I can't say everything that I have and want to say because there is that someone who controls everything I do and comments on every word and actions that comes out from me. My life before was miserable but not that much because I still have some people hiding in my back.

When I finally got out of my invisible cage, I realized that I missed almost half of my life. In my college years, I only enjoyed my first and last semester where I was able to do EVERYTHING I want without someone commanding me to do stuffs unwillingly and stopping me on anything I want. Now that I am able to do this, I will continue to enjoy life and I am so glad that everything changed from the way it was before. YOLO.